If your house is on the market, but you have not received any offers yet, then you may worry that your house will never sell. You may have gotten advice on how to make your home more appealing to buyers by remodeling or making renovations, but those investments are pricey and take a lot of time. If you want to increase the appeal of your home quickly and affordably, then follow these two tips. 

1. Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

Even if you don't want to take the time to repaint your home exterior, or if it just doesn't need it, a few small touches can still help those buyers who drive by your home without entering more likely to take a look inside. First, line the walkway of your home with decorative lighting fixtures that are not only attractive, but also functional. Be sure to be careful when installing them, so you can remove them when you sell the home and use them at your new one. 

Also, place some potted plants on your front porch in other strategic areas of your front yard. Flowers are always sure to add affordable beauty, but some greenery can be worked into the scheme as well. 

2. Make the Interior Universally Appealing

Once you have made your home look more appealing from the outside, you don't want to disappoint potential buyers with a lack-luster home interior or one that is too personalized to your tastes. While it may take a couple of paint cans and a little "elbow grease", make sure to paint over any bright walls with neutral beige or cream-colored paint. 

Another affordable way to instantly make your home look more appealing is to invest in professional home staging. Home staging furniture is different from regular furniture, as it lightweight furniture that is not made to actually be used, but rather to just look great and be used by home-sellers like you to help give buyers a glimpse of what your home will really look like (or what they aspire it to look like) once they move their furniture in. 

While you can rent DIY home staging furniture, having a professional interior designer do the staging is a better idea unless you are a great designer yourself. A professional at home staging can give each room a unique look that is appealing, yet somewhat neutral, so it appeals to all buyers. It can be difficult to do your own home staging without your personal tastes getting in the way. 

If you are still living in your home, then you can still have your home staged. The staging professional will just with what you already have and add some nice touches to attract buyers. 

If you really want your home to sell, but you don't have the cash or time to renovate, then follow these two tips for getting buyers in the door and ensuring they like what they see once they are inside.