If you just got new shutters from a place like Blinds And Designs Of Florida and are looking for a way to use plantation shutters for creative craft ideas, you can find some good ideas in this article. You can use the shutters in a variety of ways you may have never thought of before. To have fun with plantation shutters, try some of the following ideas:

Make wall decorations

You can use plantation shutters in a variety of ways to decorate your walls. Take your shutters and paint them your color of choice and hang them on the wall in an area where you want to bring about the appearance of a window where there is no window. This can help give the illusion that your room is more open than it is.

Make a patio decoration

You can take a pair of shutters and close them. Paint them the color of your choice and use wood glue to glue them together, making one whole unit. Close the blinds and hammer some random nails in the blinds. Now, you can use the blinds to hang various small potted plants and picture frames from. This unit will make a great conversational piece and serve as a fantastic way for you to display flowers and pictures.

Make a display for your herb garden

You can attach the shutters to a wall in your kitchen. Purchase some hooks at the local hardware store and small herb pots. Drill a hole near the top of each herb pot and connect many of them to the shutters using the hooks.

Make an original picture

Close the shutters and paint a nice landscape picture on the shutters. You can paint this picture on shutters you want to display on a wall, or on shutters you currently use for a window. If you pint shutters you use, they will be functional during the day, but display your picture when you shut them each night.

Use them as dividers

If you have large plantation shutters, you can use screws and hinges to connect two or more of them together. Connect them so they bend in a way that allows them to stand. Now, you can use them as a divider in a spot in your home or yard where you want to show a separation from one area to another.

Along with making some of the creative projects above, you can also come up with your own unique ways to use plantation shutters to decorate your home and yard.