Shutters are popular additions to many homes. Not only do they enhance the architectural quality of windows, but they are also energy-efficient and make controlling the amount of light in a room easy. However, shutters don't have to be used for windows only. With a little creativity, you can use shutters all around the house to add charm and beauty to your home.

Shutters in the bedroom

Hung on a wall at the head of a bed, shutters make a lovely makeshift headboard. Measure your bed. Purchase enough shutters to accommodate the width of the bed. Choose shutters in any height you desire for your headboard.

The great thing about a shutter headboard is that you can customize it to suit your bedroom décor by painting or staining the shutters in any color. Whether you prefer bold and bright colors or love the weathered look, you can achieve any look you want with a little paint. Simply spray paint the shutters before you hang them on the wall and your bedroom will have a charming new look in no time at all.

Shutters in the living room

In the living room, shutters can be hung on the wall and used as backdrop for displaying framed photos or other art. If you choose shutters with narrow slats, you can use miniature clothespins to hang photos of your friends and loved ones on the shutter.

Shutters also make creating your own art pieces a breeze. Purchase a weathered wooden shutter or stain one yourself. Glue a swag of greenery and a few silk flowers to the shutter and you will have a lovely wall decoration to brighten your living room.

Shutters in the home office

Say goodbye to boring bulletin boards. Shutters make a nice message center in the home office. Paint several shutters in a color you love and hang them together to make a bulletin board that is anything but boring. Secure a few strands of string or thin wire across the board. Use clothespins or small hooks to keep notes and memos secure. A slatted shutter can also double as a letter holder in the home office.

Shutters in the kitchen

To add a touch of charm to your kitchen, use a small wooden shutter as a portable windowsill for growing an herb garden indoors. You can move it around the kitchen easily to accommodate which window has the most sunshine at any given time.

Paint the shutter in a color to match your kitchen theme. Purchase miniature flower pots with drip trays. Glue the drip trays to the shutter to keep the pots secure when moving them and for ease of re-potting when necessary.

Shutters in the bathroom

Hang two small shutters on each side of a bathroom mirror. Secure a candle sconce to each shutter to hold a candle in the size you prefer. Choose taper-style candles for an old-fashioned look. Consider using flameless candles for safety. They are a great choice for adding ambiance to the bathroom, and they can double as nightlights.

Decorate the shutters and candle sconces with dried flowers and twine bows for a country look.

With the charming look of shutters, you can't go wrong when you use them in interior design. Getting creative with shutters, and thinking beyond the window, is an easy way to add a little beauty to any room of your home. For more information about shutters, contact a company like The Blind and Drapery Corner.