If you're a creative person, you probably have a lot of artistic décor items. In that case, eclectic design is a good style for you. Eclectic design blends different décor styles such as East and West, contemporary, vintage, and cottage. To make your eclectic décor cohesive, apply design ideals such as adopting a color scheme and composing décor items according to shape, pattern, or texture. From there, let your imagination take over.

Repeated Shapes

Composition is a design ideal that will serve you well in eclectic decorating. For example, decorate a room with flea market finds that hold to a similar shape. You could start with the shape of your window, since it won't change, and add items that echo the rectangular shape. This can include tables, wall art, and even mod sculptures. The shape can even be repeated in smaller items, such as books, picture frames, and vases.

Balance of Modern and Cottage

Modern is a contemporary design style that doesn't usually go with cottage style décor. However, as Real Simple points out, you can balance the two looks. The key is to start with the cottage style. Decorate your room with cozy fabrics and timeless patterns. However, reserve a space for the clean lines and crisp geometry of the modern style. For example, balance an antique wooden table with a mod mirror and the architectural visual interest of succulent plants in monochromatic pots. To make this look cohesive, the mirror and pots should be within your chosen color scheme.

Full Contemporary

On the flip side, it's possible to go full contemporary and still decorate with an eclectic flair. The concept is similar to repeating shapes because that's a hallmark of modern style. For this look, though, you'll add deliberately bright colors. So, say you have a brightly-colored furniture item, such as a chair. Look for other items with clean lines in that color. Additionally, find neutral-hued items that echo the geometry of that furniture piece. You could use a wall or a rug to pull the room together as long as it's mod and within your color scheme.

Whimsical Details

Conversely, maybe you want to decorate your home with flea market finds. For this look you'll still start with a foundational color palette, perhaps from a rug or other patterned item. You will repeat the colors and even shapes throughout the room. However, think more cozy than mod. Create tableaus out of whimsical items. For example, make a novelty bird house the centerpiece of a table display. Surround the bird house with items that echo the color and shape to make it cohesive.

Blend creativity and even a touch of whimsy with design concepts for cohesive eclectic décor.