If you have decided to redecorate your master bathroom or to decorate a brand new one, perhaps you have chosen to set a formal and elegant look to the room. If that's the case, from selecting the wall paint to choosing granite countertops, here are some ideas that might help you to design something very special:

The Type Of Elegance -

  • Do you want a soft and peaceful look?
  • Have you decided on a bright and dramatic feeling?
  • Would you like to set a contemporary mood?
  • Will you be happier with a traditional form of elegance?

The Wall Treatment -

  • For a peaceful look, choose soft pastels for your wall paint.
  • If you want drama, select deep jewel tones.
  • Black and white would be great for a contemporary mood.
  • For a traditional look, consider neutral colors like ochre and off-white.

If you want something other than wall paint, consider selecting wallpaper that will establish the mood you are setting. Another idea is to select a mural for one of the walls. For example, if you are establishing a contemporary form of elegance, think of using a mural of a city scene.

The Countertops -

  • Think of selecting granite for your countertops.
  • Granite will definitely set the elegant mood you seek.
  • Granite is very easy to care for and will last for many years.
  • It's so versatile that it will go with any wall treatment you select.

Other ideas for your countertops are marble or tile, both of which will add to the formal and elegant feeling you want to establish. 

The Countertop Color - 

  • For a tranquil feeling, choose light colors for your countertops.
  • For a dramatic look, think of selecting something bold like dark gray or black.
  • Consider combining colors for your countertops.
  • Match the colors to the wall treatment you have chosen.

When you are shopping for decorative pieces that will help to establish the formal look you want, think about using things like crystal or brass chandeliers. Match them to the hardware you have selected. For example, if you have chosen brass for your faucets, choose the same metal for things like ceiling fans, light fixtures, and wall candelabra. Choose elegant art, too. For example, if you have selected peaceful elegance, a framed landscape would be perfect. For a dramatic elegance, think of framing things like Flamenco dancers or beautiful horses. Shop at antique stores and boutiques to find unique decorative pieces.

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