Couples often spend a lot of time planning out the wedding ceremony itself. They know they'll be the center of attention at that time, so they often ask professionals to devise a background that complements them. The ambience is just as important, though, since photographs will be snapped left and right. To that end, the illumination at the wedding reception is paramount.

Discover some tips to devise a lighting plan for your wedding reception.

Look Into Uplighting

If you ever see professional photographers at work, they use equipment beyond their cameras to get beautiful photographs. One piece of equipment is the diffuser, which spreads the light out evenly. So, the light looks softer. They can then aim the diffuser up, which illuminates from below and bounces ambient light back down. The uplighting effect balances the lights for photos.

Center on an Eye-Catching Light Fixture

When you're researching venues for your wedding reception, look up. You don't necessarily need to choose a venue with an eye-catching light fixture, but note if there is one. When you're planning the layout for your reception, center the bridal table under the fixture. The statement piece will draw even more attention to you. It'll also serve as a frame for pictures.

Illuminate According to Wedding Style

The Knot recommends using your wedding style as the foundation for your illumination. For example, market lights and luminaries work well for a rustic wedding. LED lights, pre-lit tables, and color-wash lighting complement a modern wedding. If you're more into a classic vibe, look into candelabras and twinkle lights to provide some glow.

Incorporate String Lights

No matter your wedding style, consider incorporating string lights into your plan. Strings lights add a sense of whimsy and romance. What's more, you can use them in numerous ways. For example, if you have an outdoor wedding, you can create a ceiling of lights with numerous lights strung close together. For an outdoor vibe, consider entwining string lights with foliage garlands.

Add DJ Lighting

Most of the coolest clubs feature light shows over the dance floor. The shows work in conjunction with the music the DJ is spinning. If you're going to have dancing at your wedding reception, consider incorporating a light show over the dance floor. Your venue might already have some lights set up, but consider adding your own personal details.

Play Up Natural Lighting

If your reception is in the daytime, make use of the natural light available. If your wedding is indoors, plan for ways to make vignettes near the windows so guests can enjoy the sunlight while chatting or to take photos. If your wedding is outdoors, brainstorm ways to create light filters with available resources. For instance, you could designate a tree area for some dappled lighting.

Plan for gorgeous illumination for your wedding reception. Contact a wedding and event lighting provider for more ideas.